Beyond Imagination, BEYOND MAGNIFICENT!

NEVER goes out of style, the design make you look respectable. Elegance is always in style for the Brave.

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Every component and element on the NEW MG HS reveals its superiority of design and craftsmanship. The 3rd Design Language from MG that immediately catches the eye and the meticulously interior design make superior impression at first glance. And under the BRIT DYNAMIC concept, the NEW MG HS combines PERFORMANCE, HANDLING, DESIGN and SAFETY in one large, powerful, and irresistible-looking SUV. A true reflection of your own excellence.


Redefining the meaning of driving New MG HS



162 PS

Max Horsepower

250 NM

Max Torque

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 HS Activate

Rp. 460,800,000

* T&C apply, Harga OTR Jakarta

 HS Ignite

Rp. 504,800,000

HS Magnify i-SMART

Rp. 550,800,000

Beyond Exterior

Digital Flaming Grille

Rotating Tomahawk with Red Caliper

FULL LED Projector Headlight

FULL 3D LED Tail Lights

Beyond Interior

Interactive Ambient Light

Electric I-MAX Panoramic Sunroof

10.1” IPS HD Infotainment System

12,3” Digital Instrument Cluster

2720 mm


162 PS

Max Horsepower

250 NM

Max Torque

Beyond Performance


NEW MG HS is equipped with power distribution technology that provides a responsive driving experience. A turbo engine that produces 162 PS of power at 5600 RPM engine speed with a combination of 5 Driving Mode (Eco, Normal, Sport, Super Sport + Custom) which can be adjusted to your driving character and is ready to pump your adrenaline.

Beyond Safety


Go further and drive to every destination with confidence. The NEW MG HS with EURO TUNING SUSPENSION and the ADVANCED SYNCHRONISED PROTECTION SYSTEM, an enhanced safety system that meets European standards, has 25 safety features working together to provide you with maximum safety. Even more safety features with 6 airbags as front dual airbags, side airbags and curtain airbags.

i-SMART, the world-class intelligent operating system exclusive to MG, allows you and the car to communicate as one. The technology will enhance every drive, make every check-up easy, make every command as easy as you desire, connect every lifestyle with each other. The advanced intelligent technology can upgrade its functions that makes everyday life easier. Combined with the other special abilities, whether it’s operating with voice command, touchscreen or application, you will be empowered to enjoy a Smarter lifestyle all of your own making.

i-SMART Technology

Beyond Technology of driving MG HS

i-SMART intelligent system

i-SMART intelligent system from MG allows you to connect with your car. This technology has elevated your driving experience, it allows you to monitor your car easily, activates car features as you wish, connects to your lifestyle, and it can upgrade its function. With Artificial Intelligence (AI), this makes life easier endlessly. Moreover, there are many functions for your smart lifestyle such as voice command, commands from a touchscreen, and through a smart phone application*. *Available for both iOS and Android devices

SMART Command & SMART Connect

Note :

  • The i-Smart system may be upgraded with additional systems in the futures
  • i-Smart package details may change depending on the service provide
  • Free service for i-Smart system for 5 years
  • i-Smart system provides free map update service for a period of 5 years

Note :

  • The company reserves the right to change details. Terms of Sale and standart equipment without prior notice
  • Please check the official dealer for more details
  • The displayed image may show details. And the special equipment installed is different for each car mode. The color of the vehicle shown in the picture may differ from the actual vehicle color
  • Please study the work and various equipment of the car from the manual before use